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little quiz to help you decide if online slot machines or online poker


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I mostly play the micro tournaments in with a buy-in, I have not won any big tourneys yet but did come in 12th out of 900+ players once and it was pretty exciting. Online slots requires much less ‘thinking’ so when I am in the mood for just some relaxation sans the use of my brain you can find me at the online slots sites spinning away $20 at a time.
Here is a little quiz to help you decide if online slot machines or online poker would be your preferance at a casino online.
1. Online slots are lots of fun, I like the rush of having up to 25 different ways to win off one spin.
2. Poker requires too much skill, I don’t want to have to study the moves of the players I am playing against.
3. Joining a poker tournement means I have to spend hours at a time playing and that is too long.
4. I like to log on for a few minutes of gambling fun sometimes and love the chance to hit it big with one quick play.
5. Poker is for old folks who want to waste time.
If you answered true to 3 or more of the above questions then online slots seem to be more your type of game, but make sure to try poker sometimes cause it really is a great game, maybe even video poker since it is sort of a hybird of poker and slots.


CREATE: Illustrate the local context, the problem which the project wants to identify, the starting -up date and stages of the project (founders and origin of the collective). Edit

GOALS: What is the main purpose of the project? What are its most important activities/achievements? Who are the expected beneficiaries, both direct and indirect? Edit

IMPACTS: What result/impact will the project have (identify both positive and negative aspects of the project: jobs, social cohesion, environment, economy, etc…)? What added value gives your project to the territory? Edit

COLLECTIVE: How will this project be an example of collective management? Why did you choose this collective management approach? Edit

OPERATION: What is the role played by each individual within the group? Describe precisely the decision-making process implemented within/in the collective. Have these processes changed over time? Edit

RELATIONSHIP: How the different relationships (support, tolerance, rejection, blocking, spirit of improvement, etc…) between the collective and its environment (residents, government, selected and unselected partners, stakeholders, etc…) have evolved? Have the collective attracted/involved new members? Has it lost its members? Is the collective connected to other networks (inter-regional, international)? Edit

FUTURE: What are the future prospects (growth, development…)? What are the expectations in the short and medium term? What are your questions/concerns? Edit

MULTIPLY: What are the opportunities to transfer this experience in other territories, which are the pre-conditions for knowledge duplication/replication and developed know-how’s? Edit


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