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About the project Edit

The main idea of ​​the project will be a change in public opinion about gambling. After all, the advantages of online casinos in Canada are widely known to the user audience due to the professional service and the latest technologies used to create interactive entertainment. A high return rate gives players serious chances of getting solid wins. Such a state of affairs will undoubtedly benefit those willing to risk, and they will be able to appreciate the online casino games. To understand the navigation of the site will not be any difficulty, because it has a thoughtful and intuitive user interface. The player will instantly find all the sections he needs and will be able to easily start the game.


CREATE: Illustrate the local context, the problem which the project wants to identify, the starting -up date and stages of the project (founders and origin of the collective). Edit

This project is incredibly important for young people around the world. Especially for Canadians.
After all, a lot of people love baccarat game or other similar games. And no one has enough time for this. That is why there are online services that will help you enjoy your free time anywhere in the world.

GOALS: What is the main purpose of the project? What are its most important activities/achievements? Who are the expected beneficiaries, both direct and indirect? Edit

The main goal of the project is to popularize a safe online casino for those people who believe that the casino is bad.

IMPACTS: What result/impact will the project have (identify both positive and negative aspects of the project: jobs, social cohesion, environment, economy, etc…)? What added value gives your project to the territory? Edit

The result of this project is the normalization of the perception of gambling in the eyes of society.

COLLECTIVE: How will this project be an example of collective management? Why did you choose this collective management approach? Edit

This approach of collective management was chosen by me precisely by the fact that people would be convinced by their example that there is nothing terrible in gambling. Just play.

OPERATION: What is the role played by each individual within the group? Describe precisely the decision-making process implemented within/in the collective. Have these processes changed over time? Edit

The decision making process in a team is the process of brainstorming.

RELATIONSHIP: How the different relationships (support, tolerance, rejection, blocking, spirit of improvement, etc…) between the collective and its environment (residents, government, selected and unselected partners, stakeholders, etc…) have evolved? Have the collective attracted/involved new members? Has it lost its members? Is the collective connected to other networks (inter-regional, international)? Edit

As in every social group, there are different quarrels, but always everything is always solved by sound dialogue.

FUTURE: What are the future prospects (growth, development…)? What are the expectations in the short and medium term? What are your questions/concerns? Edit

It seems to me that this project is short-term, because in our modern world, all people are adequate and will see everything themselves with their own eyes.

MULTIPLY: What are the opportunities to transfer this experience in other territories, which are the pre-conditions for knowledge duplication/replication and developed know-how’s? Edit

I plan that the promotion of this project to other territories will be discussed in the future.


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