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Tips for better remembering


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Remembering problems is what faces every modern man. We want to give you a solution. Try these methods maybe they will help you to achive some goals.

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Methods of improving memory from Papersowl:

1. Movement - is not only life, but also a good memory.
Dancing, playing sports and just walking improves blood circulation and activate the processes in the brain and contribute to better memorize and reproduce information.
2. To imagine not forbid.
Simplify the process of memorizing the dry facts will help imagination. If you want to remember a phone number - to draw a picture of each digit (eg, an animal, a flower, etc...), And come up with catchy story. It is important to remember the historical fact - imagine itself as an active participant in the event.
3. The game in the association.
To remember the name of a new acquaintance, it is necessary to relate it with the well-known personality. The result will not keep itself waiting.
4. Aromas stimulate.
During the process of preparation for the tests, the delivery of the report, and so on. N., It is important to surround yourself with the smells that activate memory processes (essential oils of lemon, rosemary).
5. No time to relax.
Forgetting a line from a song or poem, the name of a movie actor, do not rush to the modern devices for the answer, try to find the answer yourself, straining memory.
6. Training.
Mastering foreign languages, reading, learning poems by heart will help to improve memory. Try to remember the details, the names of the minor characters, numbers, complex geographical names and the like.
7. Nutrition.
Deficiency of certain trace elements, vitamins provokes deterioration of mental processes in the brain. Therefore, so it is important to diversify the diet, to include in the diet of seafood, fish, cereals, vegetable oil, vegetables. And sometimes it does not hurt to pamper the body with dark chocolate, nuts.
8. And the main thing - to remember, to forget about laziness.

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