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CREATE: Illustrate the local context, the problem which the project wants to identify, the starting -up date and stages of the project (founders and origin of the collective). Edit

GOALS: What is the main purpose of the project? What are its most important activities/achievements? Who are the expected beneficiaries, both direct and indirect? Edit

In order to orient a little in choosing the country, advise that the best lawyers, mathematicians, financiers, programmers, experts in the field of advertising and tourism prepared in higher education in England.

Probably, no one should be convinced that higher education abroad - a very prestigious and sometimes necessary. Why? Because in many countries, such as England, Germany, USA, Switzerland, preserved the best traditions of learning, combined with the latest achievements in the field of teaching. Today, to get education abroad - is not only the opportunity to begin a new chapter of his life, testing and introducing into life the opportunities, it is also an opportunity to get a degree that will be recognized worldwide, and new skills in their specialization.

Thanks to the knowledge and skills it is possible to find high-paying job and quite prestigious. We can say that energy, time and money invested in training abroad, come back with a vengeance, bringing both internal satisfaction from the fact that the goal is achieved, as it was not scary at the beginning. Many are afraid, even today, to try his hand in getting education abroad, somehow convinced himself that it might just be impossible. However, today there are a large number of agencies, who take care of visas, airline tickets, settling at the desired location, and assist in obtaining the desired education. BSI grour Company successfully carried out the dream of many people who want to receive training abroad.

In order to orient a little in choosing the country, advise that the best lawyers, mathematicians, financiers, programmers, experts in the field of advertising and tourism prepared in higher education in England. In addition, in this country have the highest chances of subsequently receive a prestigious job in their field. If you want to become a great cook, restaurateur, or a specialist in the field of tourism or hospitality industry, then it is necessary to study in Switzerland. If you decide to connect his life with the exact sciences, then travel to Germany. Here you can not only get one of the most prestigious training in this area, but also a prestigious, well-paying jobs. The fact that foreigners are all conditions to implement this knowledge. If your soul wants to create, and create masterpieces in the field of interior design, computer-aided design or fashion, then you open the doors of the best educational institutions in Paris, London, Barcelona, ​​or Milan.

IMPACTS: What result/impact will the project have (identify both positive and negative aspects of the project: jobs, social cohesion, environment, economy, etc…)? What added value gives your project to the territory? Edit

COLLECTIVE: How will this project be an example of collective management? Why did you choose this collective management approach? Edit

OPERATION: What is the role played by each individual within the group? Describe precisely the decision-making process implemented within/in the collective. Have these processes changed over time? Edit

RELATIONSHIP: How the different relationships (support, tolerance, rejection, blocking, spirit of improvement, etc…) between the collective and its environment (residents, government, selected and unselected partners, stakeholders, etc…) have evolved? Have the collective attracted/involved new members? Has it lost its members? Is the collective connected to other networks (inter-regional, international)? Edit

FUTURE: What are the future prospects (growth, development…)? What are the expectations in the short and medium term? What are your questions/concerns? Edit

MULTIPLY: What are the opportunities to transfer this experience in other territories, which are the pre-conditions for knowledge duplication/replication and developed know-how’s? Edit


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